Organizational Information
River in Laos
Observation Squadron Sixty Seven VO-67- This
U.S. Navy unit operated from 1967 to 1968 at
NKP. Their mission was to detect, hinder and
penalize North Vietnamese infiltration of the
Ho Chi Minh Trail. Operating the OP-2E
Neptune aircraft, these brave, unarmed airmen
implanted acoustic sensors along the Trail in
support of Project Muscle Shoals. The project
later became known as Igloo White.
609th Special Operations Squadron Known as
the Nimrods, the pilots and airmen flew the
A-26A Counter Invader aircraft on air
interdiction missions above the Ho Chi Minh
Trail to stem the flow of North Vietnamese
troops and supplies into South Vietnam. The
609th flew the A-26 aircraft from NKP during the
years of 1966-1969.
18th Special Operations Squadron The 18 SOS
was assigned to NKP from approximately Aug.
71 to Dec. 72 and flew gunship missions in
support of the Secret War in Laos. The
AC-119K could disrupt enemy activity by laying
down suppressive fire continuously, allowing
U.S. supported forces the opportunity to
retreat or regroup, to fight another day.
554th Reconnaissance Squadron The 554th
flew the Beech QU-22B aircraft from NKP
from approximately Dec. 70 to Sep 72. Known
as the Vampires, the QU-22Bs orbited near
the Ho Chi Minh Trail, picking up signals
from acoustic sensors and relaying them to
the Task Force Alpha facility at NKP.
Detachment 4, 6th Aerial Port Squadron The
6th APS hauled troops and cargo throughout
Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.
They brought the mail, our food and
everything else we needed, often taking fire
on landing and take-off. Their motto was
"Anytime Anywhere", and they meant it.
Flying the venerable C-130, they always
arrived on-time.
56th Combat Support Group- This group supported the organizations listed
above, by providing specialized support in the areas of Transportation, Supply,  
Munitions Maintenance, Avionics Maintenance, Field and Organizational
Maintenance, Intelligence, Security Police, Finance, Personnel,
Communications, Civil Engineering, Life Support, Medical and Dental Services,
and a Special Services Squadron. These support units made it possible for the
air crews to fly and fight. These proud and dedicated professionals made an
enormous contribution to the success of the 56th Special Operations Wing.
The 556th Red Horse Squadron was assigned to Utapao Royal
Thai Air Base, Thailand in 1966 to construct living quarters,
buildings and other structures needed at the six U.S. Air
Force bases throughout Thailand. A contingent of 556th
personnel traveled to NKP and resided there during 1966-67
to construct the facilities where we later lived and worked.
They also constructed other buildings as required. These
hearty and dedicated airmen braved the elements, the snakes
and other creatures to provide us with shelter and protection
from the creatures and weather while we did our jobs at NKP.
The 556th was deactivated in 1969. Hats off to these great
In 1962, the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3, out of
U.S. Navy Base, Port Hueneme, CA deployed to NKP to
construct an airfield consisting of a runway, warm-up pad
and aircraft taxi and parking ramps. The construction was
completed in mid-1963 and the Seabees departed for other
assignments. With the airfield in place, NKP began to grow
and became operationally ready to support the Secret War
in Laos.  
Air Force Medal Of Honor
recipients- Vietnam War:
Capt. Steven L. Bennett
Col. George E. Day
Maj. Merlyn H. Dethlefsen
CMSgt. Richard Etchberger
Maj.  Bernard F. Fisher
1st. Lt. James P. Fleming
Lt. Col. Joe M. jackson
Col. William A. Jones III
A1C. John L. Levitow
A1C William H. Pitsenbarger
Capt. Lance P. Sijan
Lt. Col. Leo K. Thorsness
Capt. Hilliard A. Wilbanks
Capt. Gerald O. Young
1st. AACS Squadron Mobile- Provided everything
that a command would need in the way of Crypto,
Teletype Communications, Radio Operations,
Microwave Relay, Navigation Aids, Air Traffic
Control, Instrument Approach and Ground Power.
Work was usually performed at forward locations
in very hostile territory.        WWW.
1st MOB.com
First In-Last Out
         TSQ-81 Radar
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