NKP Flight line
NKP RTAFB- Personnel at work and Play
Base Headquarters
(#2 on Base Map)
Main Gate (Inbound)
Walkway Exiting Base
Thai Restaurant-(#14 on Base Map)
Base Motor Pool
#11 on Base Map
Base Operations and Control Tower
#1 and #33 on  Base Map
OV-10 Bronco
Post Office
#16 on Base Map
21st SOS Mission
CH-53 Helicopters
View of base looking towards flight line
21st SOS Guys playing volleyball
TUOC (Command Post)
#30 on Base Map
Captured NVA Anti-Aircraft Gun
View looking away from Post Office
towards Airmen Quarters
Packages from Home
City of NKP
Don't be deceived  by this view
On Saturday nights this town rocked
Another view of NKP City.
Not a fast food place anywhere
Bowling Alley and Food land
#17 and #18 on Base Map
Somewhere over The Ho Chi Minh Trail
An airman prepares to drop an Igloo White
Waitresses from the NCO Club
always professional and cordial.
This is the only time that they weren't
smiling. Camera Shy?
Munitions Maintenance personnel
loading bombs. (Photo Courtesy of
(Tommy Spahr)
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